Friday, June 3, 2011

Shrink Plastic Pendant Keychain TUTORIAL aka shrinky dinks

This tutorial is for the inkjet computer shrink plastic. You can find them at any hobby store. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby with a 40 percent coupon and they were like seven dollars..Yay...
This is one of my favorite projects to do!!! They are fun, fast and fab!!! Just print on to the shrink paper and bake. You will get awesome pendants, keychains, ornaments, or any fun project!!

What you will need
Shrink Plastic Computer Inkjet Printing Sheets..*make sure you use the printing ones or you will have a ink mess*
Clear Nail Polish *sally hansens with nylon works AWESOME*
Standard Hole punch *this are the basic hole punch for paper found anywhere*
Large book *to flatten your plastic out of the oven
Jump or Split ring

Start with a new project. I like to add all different types of clip art to my project with my editing program.
Here I started with blank sheet and used my moustache madness, sock monkey, and father's day tie set.
You have to remember the images will shrink by at least half its size...

Print according to package printer details. Let dry and then cut!!

Using your basic punch cut a hole for your split ring. I would cut near the edge. You want to cut far enough from the side but not too close that your hole will break when you bake.

BAKE according to package. I have used all different types of Shrink plastic. So please check your package instructions. In the oven they will curl and Shrink. If they don't completely flatten, grab a extra large book and lay it on top. Beware they will be HOT...275 usually works awesome for me!!

You see how the holes ended up perfect for the split rings.

Super Gloss your project. I used my trusty clear nail polish to make a awesome glossy finish. Sally Hansen with nylon works AWESOME! *btw the smell goes away after a day*

Add your split ring and you have one fab pendant or key chain!!!!

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