Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy Peasy Bottle Cap Necklace favor/ gift TUTORIAL

Bottle cap necklaces are so fun and fabulous. There are many ways to make these but I found a SUPER easy way to make them. Make them for party favors or as gifts.
You will need
One Inch circle paper punch (from any craft store)
Cupcake Cutiees one inch circle Digital collage sheets( found in my clip art store)
Photo Matte or Gloss Paper ( I choose Kodak Gloss Paper..perfect about of gloss and not shiny)
Epiphany Bottle Cap Circle Charms...(these are bottle cap charms that have the settings in them..no drilling, no adding jump ring..easy peazy!!)
Epiphany Bubble Caps (clear bubbles that fit over your circle)
(I have also skipped the bubble caps and used Sally Hansen clear nail polish for a finish..FAB and doesn't yellow)
Elmer's Glue stick
Ribbon or Chain for the Necklace

I found the Epiphany Jewelry Charms at Archivers. Please check you local craft or scrapbooking store or you can find them online..


Print your Digital Collage Sheet on photo matte or glossy paper!!! Make sure to set your printer settings to photo paper!!*you will get lines through the collage sheet if you don't)

         Mermaid Magic

Spring Owls and Trees

Punch your Collage Sheet with a one inch punch!!
(my collage sheets are a tad over the one inch circle so you can get a good punch out of them)

Glue the circle inside the charm with Elmer's glue stick (just the back of the circle)
(the glue stick is the best I have found that sticks perfectly..all the fancy glues out there and I love the glue stick!!)

Add your Bubble cap or the top of the charm or you can skip the cap and use a clear nail polish.. 
(sally hansen hard as nails with nylon works AWESOME) It also makes a fab shine...(no worry about going yellow either!! I have had mine for years and no yellowing)

Add your ribbon or chain for your necklace.

Spring Owls and Birds Digital Collage Sheet

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