Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peanut Butter Oreo Cake POP Truffle Recipe and Tutorial YUMMY

Yummy Oreo Cake Pop Truffles

3 ingredient recipe. AWESOME!

I recently found this yummy recipe somewhere on the web!! I tried it out and it was fantastic!!! Great for parties and a treat you can make fast and NO BAKING!!!

Yummy ingredients you will need

One bag Oreos (you can find so many flavors)
One block of cream Cheese *softened*
One package of almond bark, wilton melts, or dipping chocolate

Wax paper to roll the balls on!! The Recipe makes around 30 to 40 truffles depending on how you roll the truffles!!!

Grab your favorite bag of Oreos (mint would be yummy...plain is also great)

Mash the bag in a bowl..*this is my FAVORITE part*  I recently purchased a ninja blender and it crushed these up very easy!
Add one block of softened cream cheese

Mix and you have your Oreo mash...
Roll into little ball and set on wax paper...
Now put in fridge or freeze till they harden up.. I have left them in the fridge for 10 mins before and they still came out great!!!

Melt your chocolate while they are in the fridge.... I like to use a nice pie/tart plate...

Roll your balls in the chocolate with a fork...
Put back on your wax paper and let set in fridge!!!

Add a cake pop stick or leave as is... YUMMY....

My daughter Bella helped me make this set and they only made them in my kitchen for an hour before they were gobbled up!!!

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