Friday, October 12, 2012

Zombie Party- Door and Window Decor

My little sister just had a Zombie Apocalypse Party! We were looking for fun and inexpensive wall and door treatments!! I have a dining room with 4 windows and a door! That is a lot of area!!
I wanted it to look like we were in a boarded up house!!*hiding from the Zombies*
Here are some of the fun ideas we created.

I went to the dollar store and found some brown paper packaging roll!! I cut into 4 x 2 stripes to make a fun door treatment to make it look all boarded up!! I used blood clings to add that extra scary effect!! My door looked like it was all nailed shut!!

We also found the blood window clings and Zombie garland at the dollar store!! Our color scheme was a neon green, red, a black!

For a final touch we found some blood BEWARE clings at Walmart for 3.00. WE added these all over the wall!

Zombie Zone- Walking dead Inspired Party Printables

I am not a spooky movie watcher. I hate gore..but The walking dead is my one secret habit!! My husband and I started watching it on Netflix and we watched two seasons in a weekend!  Lets just say it is a ADDICTING show.

Here are some party printables I made!
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I recently just did a fun photo shoot with my hubby !! It was SUPER DUPER fun. The looks from people in the park were well worth it!!! My husband makes a awesome zombie!!!