Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cookie Decorating Party Theme

Every year my kids going to their Auntie Mindy's for a decorating party!! It is a great time for shopping as the kids get to decorate Christmas Cookies!! 

Each plate is a workstation!!
 My sister puts the O in Organised! Each child had there own station with colors so it didn't turn into a big color mess!!
Undecorated cookies

Sprinkle Station!! Go to a bulk food store and they have TONS of different options!!

Plastic cups for each child!

Ice cold milk drinks!!

My kids ask every year when cookie decorating time is..(even the 16 year old)
Have fun!! This year I am inviting some girls and boys from my kids class. We are going to decorate some plates and send home some cookies to put them on!! 
Here is the cookie decorating invite from my party store www.cupcakecutieesparty.etsy.com

My cookie party clip art elements found on www.cupcakecutiees.com and www.cupcakecutiees.etsy.com

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Wenni Donna said...

Nice theme. It seems fun and I think everyone enjoys cookie decoration. At the domestic New York Event Venues I also attended such a party. It was my first time experience in this public event but it turned out to be a great thing for me. Enjoyed it a lot.