Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ribbon Crown Tutorial

I am a Pinterest addict!!
I have been planning to do a photo shoot for a newborn. Her mamma has been sending me photos that she loves off Pinterest!! Well her baby arrived early before she could make some adorable props for the photo shoot!! I decided to go ahead and make some!! They ended up being so easy to make,  I decided to make some for my kiddos!!! I added my own shortcuts to make it even easier!(there are a lot of tutorials out there, not sure which ones I looked at..Please let me know if you do find the original and I can give credit!)
These would great for a princess party!! Each girl would have their own crown!!
Aleene's Fabric Stiffener 
*you can even find a tutorial on how to make your own*
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks 
 Fabric Stiffener Aleene's Stiffen Quick
Cut your ribbon to desired size.  I made mine roughly 3-5 inches across. (I just made a circle and measured inside the circle to five inches..make larger or smaller depending on what you like)
*My sample photo has 5 inches for the girl and 3.5 inches for the baby.*
*This mini crown is 2 inches across with double layer of ribbon and diamond strand ribbon... 
She is the cutest baby EVER!!*

Spray your ribbon with the fabric spray. I spray and coated my ribbon on a plastic lid, so everything wouldn't get sprayed. Arrange in circle and let sit and dry.( Instructions say you can throw in microwave a few seconds... I was all up on that...ME=NO PATIENCE)
When dry *or semi* Spray another coat.  
Repeat steps until you get desired stiffness.

Hot Glue together in a circle for crown.

Add ribbon to your base ribbon crown!
There is a option of Painting with acrylic paint! Just paint your crown with acrylic paint. (You would probably  need four or five coats)
Painting means of course, I added my own step - another layer of ribbon!!!
Add ribbon to base crown.
Two layers of ribbon added to base crown. You can also add a inside layer if you need more volume!
Here are some I came up with!! You can make a ton of these and use for a princess party!!

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