Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homemade Photo NOTEBOOK Pad - TUTORIAL

This project is great for classroom gifts, crafting projects, or a beautiful inexpensive gift that looks like a million bucks!! It cost me only 1.36 to make!!!

4x6 Photo Notebook Pad Tutorial

2- 4x6 Photos 
Elmers Bottle Glue
4x6 Index Cards with lines (make sure to get the 4x6)
(some sort of small claps...I used magnetic ones that go on your fridge. They will need to hold your notebook together while drying)
That is IT!! 

First take half of your index cards and sandwich them between both photos!!
 You want your photos facing out!!

Clamp the photos to the index cards. Make sure they are tight and lined up!!

Add your glue to the top of the notebook!!! Make sure you use the nozzle and get the glue EVERYWHERE in the cracks and all along the top of the notebook!! 

Let dry STANDING UP. I used a mason jar and bottle. Whatever you have around the house to make sure they stand up till dry. 
For extra secure tops, you can glue twice and let dry in between the layers.

Once DRY. 
You will need to add your binding topper.
Cut one index card strip to hold your note book together
*you can eyeball it to make sure it fits over the top of your notebook*

Glue and then take your clamps and clamp over the binding paper!!
(forgot the photo of the clamps on top) 
Let Dry

And you have a awesome little notebook. The pages are meant to pull out and not to open like a spiral notebook!!

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