Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reindeer Games Small Fold over Crafts- PARTY STORE

These are so fun!! Great for handing out at work or at children's school parties!!!
Each printable has all three fold over tags on them!!

Reindeer Games Tutorial
 Reindeer Poop Small fold overs

Reindeer Noses


You will need one printable fold over tags from Cupcake Cutiees Party
Printed on photo glossy/matte paper. *my paper of choice is Kodak gloss/Matte Paper*
Jewelry Bags 
*these are small 2x3 bags found at hobby stores can get packs of 100 for .99 cents  found in jewelry findings* You can also find them in Walmart if they carry jewelry findings*
Double stick tape or stapler

Goobers or Raisinets for ***Reindeer Poop Tag
Cherry Sours and Whoppers for ****Reindeer Noses
Oatmeal and Sprinkled Sugar for ***Magic Reindeer Food

Print your labels. Matte Photo paper works great. *I use Kodak gloss paper for perfect weight and quality*
Inkjet Laser home printers work best!
Cut design out!! Fold in half
Fill your jewelry bags with specific designs *reindeer poop...reindeer noses..or magic food*

Double stick your fold over tag to the jewelry bags. You can also use a stapler for a more tight tag!
How stinkin cute!!!!!

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