Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glow Stick Valentine DIY Cards- PARTY STORE

Glow Stick Valentine Card Craft
What kid doesn't like glow sticks? 
My children's school has a strict policy on no sweets and candy..*don't get me going on that subject..hmm..*
Anyhow we have been searching for fun Valentine's projects. We hit dollar general and saw the glow stick bracelets.  My first grader was so excited to send these. Off to find a way to sent these out. After two templates and many revisions. We found some to work.
I did see some on Pinterest after I made this ones.. and they were very cute. You should check them out! There are so many cute valentines on Pinterest. *I am a Pinterest junkie*

One digital party printable Valentine Page 
Glow Sticks
 (we used single glow stick bracelets from the dollar tree..5 for a 1.00)
Photo matte or glossy paper to print
Paper Punch

Home Printing
The full printing looks best printed on photo glossy or matte paper. It gives the best quality and weight.
8.5 x 11 JPEG format at 300 dpi.
My paper of choice is Kodak gloss paper. It prints perfect. Not  glossy, but with the perfect amount of shine for crystal clear images...They also have the perfect amount of thickness for a nice professional looking print. 
These can also be printed at your local printing center that prints on full sheets such as 
(Kinkos...Office max....Staples..etc...on glossy card stock looks great.....)

Add your glow stick bracelet through the back. 
Tape if you wish. They stayed without tape but you can add it for good measure.
I added the bracelet fixing on it first. Be careful not to crack them.
Send the Bracelet part through first. It makes a great little stopper for the punch.

The listing comes with 6 pages of designs. Black or White.
I made girls colors and boys colors for the design.

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