Friday, July 26, 2013

Nautical Modern Clip Art Set and New Dollar Clip Art Singles

New Modern Nautical. Modern designs with a vintage style. I also am offering single clip art designs at   Thanks for looking

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pool Party Labels- Fun Food Ideas for Pool or Beach Party

Grab this label set from my Party Store
This set comes with 3 Pages of Food Labels.
One blank and two with wording. You can find the sets at my party store.

Fun containers to add your food  are 
Pail and Shovel
Mason Jars
Colorful platters
Tin cans

The labels come with the wording! (you also get one blank set to add to your own)

Fish N chips (goldfish and potato chips)
Sun Chips (sun chips)
Grab a Raft (sugar wafer cookies)
Fish Bait (gold fish crackers or gummies)
Slip n Slides (fruit by the foot)
Sushi Rolls. (rice crispie sushi rolls. found on my blog)
Pool Noodles (licorice)
Shark Bites (gummy sharks)
Grab a floatie (gummi lifesavers)
Fish Bites (gold fish crackers or gummies)
Beach Balls (gumballs, cheesballs_
Flip Flops (nutterbutter cookies with lines for frosting.
You can find ideas on my blog at

The tutorial for these fun tags can be found here
or here