Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cupcake Thursday- Retro Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Toppers

Yummy Cherry Cupcakes add with one Cherry Die Cut!

One Box White Cake Mix
Mix with 2 large eggs
1/4 Oil
One cup water mixed with Cherry juice from jar of maraschino cherries
*I used the juice from the small jar of cherries and then added water to make a cup*
1/2 small jar of chopped marashino cherries(use as many as you like. it was between a 1/2 cup and a 1/4 a cup of chopped Cherries)
If you want a red color cupcake you can add some red food color drops. If not, they are a light pink color!

Then bake as directed.  
The frosting is my new favorite. Cool whip makes a new frosting found next to your whipped topping in the freezer case!! If you love whipped topping and not sugary sweet frosting it is YUMMY!
It is not overly sweet and is light and creamy!!
Add your cherry on top!!
I then sliced through the middle of a cherry and added my cherry die cuts!

Die Cut Cherries

You get one sheet with 8  labels per page.  8.5 x 11 JPEG at 300 dpi.
I love dollar tree glossy paper ot Kodak gloss paper!
Print on photo matte or glossy paper... My paper of choice is Kodak gloss paper. It prints perfect. Not  glossy but with the perfect amount of shine for crystal clear images...They also have the perfect amount of thickness for a nice professional looking label.
Make sure to select photo paper on paper options  if you are using photo paper....
Add to your sliced cherry!!

You can also make them like cupcake toppers and add to your cake pop or lollipop stick and add to cupcake!!
You can find the cupcake tutorial here

Or my Die cut tutorial here

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