Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter / Christmas Holiday Party Themed Food Ideas

My little Gracie is a Christmas baby. Her birthday is the day after Christmas. I love making sure we have fun and cute ideas to do with her parties. Here are some of the ideas that you can use for a winter party. You can use these for a holiday candy buffet, party, or classroom parties! 

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Fun themed winter foods
Snowballs- Mini Marshmallows
Snow covered Pretzels- yogurt or white chocolate pretzels

Blue Jello- Can be Igloo Lakes, Ice blocks, snow blocks, etc.

Rock Candy- White or blue (or to match your theme)

Cotton Candy - White can be made to look like snow

Dip white chocolate into anything. 
You can have snow covered
Pretzel Rods
Snow covered Popcorn
Oreo cookies
Candy Canes

Blue Jello and Swedish Fish Make up this - Penguin Pond!
The little penguin guys can be found in my shop at www.cupcakecutieesparty.com
or my Etsy Shop!
Fun little penguin treats!

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