Saturday, March 15, 2014

At Home Designs and Inspiration

I have to give props to my hubby for all the work he does for me.  I show him something off Pinterest and say "do this" and he does. I don't look at the instructions or if he can do but he always works it out!

This is one of my first TO DO Pinterest ideas I found. We have two really weird cubby corners in my front entrance. It is dead space. This is his great work

I love how great it worked out and it works great for all our coats and shoes! Plus lots of room to add decor for me on the little ledges!
You can find the pins on my Board - At Home with Cupcake Cutiees

So I get to change it out during seasons! Here is my Think Spring Digital Prints! I love changing the top with different prints.
You can find the prints in my party store at

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