Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bunny Tails - Easter Spring Bag Toppers Printable- U Print

How adorable and will get you hoppin'.  Easter will be hoppin with these fun little bag toppers. My bag toppers are used with any standard ziploc sandwich bag size. Just print, fill your bag and attach to the bag with tape or staples. How easy is that?

 Full tutorial can be found here

You will need
One Bunny Tail Digital Printable 
Photo matte or glossy paper
Ziploc Sandwich Bags
Bunny Tail (these are uts cheese balls at walmart)
You can also use marshmallows!
Double stick tape, glue dots, or staples

Print your Bunny Tail Bag Toppers

The full printing looks best printed on photo glossy or matte paper. It gives the best quality and weight.

I have three papers I use.

Dollar tree photo paper! It prints beautiful, glossy and bright. Bonus it is only 1.00 for 8 sheets.
8.5 x 11 JPEG format at 300 dpi.
Kodak gloss paper. It prints perfect. Not  glossy, but with the perfect amount of shine for crystal clear images...They also have the perfect amount of thickness.

I also use a matte or glossy card stock. It doesn't print as bright as the photo paper but works well.
Do not use the textured kind. Bright white card stock.

These can also be printed at your local printing center that prints on full sheets such as 
( glossy card stock looks great.....)
Paper from the dollar tree also worked fantastic!!!

Add your treats to the bag. Then staple, glue dot, or double stick with tape.

Fun, easy and will sure to make your little one giggle. 

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