Thursday, October 16, 2014

Candy Corn Parfait- Halloween / Fall Classroom food or Treat idea- Party Store

 These fun candy corn parfaits are fast and easy peasy to make. Super easy for a fun snack for the season or make a bunch up for your child's classroom or classroom party!
I used my candy corn large fold over tags with these on display.
You can find them here
the tutorial here

First is the Candy Corn Fruit Parfait.
I layered pineapple tidbits with a clementine orange on top!
You can also used mandarin oranges from a can or cup!
Topped with whipped cream and candy corn piece.
These fab little bowls came from the dollar tree! Can't beat that!
Great for that healthy snack! 

Candy Corn Pudding Parfait
This is simple as buying already made pudding and adding food coloring.

This one I used vanilla pudding with orange food coloring and lemon pudding on the second layer!
Almost like a lemon cream pie!  
If you do not like lemon I would use the vanilla again and add yellow food coloring!
Topped with whipped cream and Candy Corn.
The plastic cups are from dollar tree and the mini spoons are from Walmart. 10 for .97cents. What little kid doesn't like eating from anything mini!!

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