Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine Pencil Hearts- Digital Printable Cards for Pencil Holders- Party Store

You can find so many cute pencils around Valentine's Day. Great to send to school to pass-out!
Here I made 3 different styles and they come all in one purchase. Great for girls, boys or teachers!

*I also can't helping singing NKOTB with the right stuff when I look at these*
I have 3 ways you can add pencils to these!
White area to add name with marker or sharpie!
Find them in my party store at

You will need
One digital pencil Write Valentine Sheet 
(purchase comes with three designs shown)
Photo or matte card stock paper
Standard punch (optional)
.325 Flower or  Round papercraft punch (Optional)
Cute Pencils :)

Printing Directions here

Cut your hearts or circles out with scissors!
Now to add your pencils!

I have shown 4 options to add your pencils. Each way works wonderful!


Criss cross tape across the back of the heart or circles. 

Punch with your standard PUNCH
(it will be a tight squeeze so you can work it through slowly or slice little slats to make more room around the punch!)

You will have to work the pencil through. It is snug!
 You can work the pencil through this way or add slits in the punch circle for more room!

Tape the pencil to the back of the heart!

Find a .375 punch in your papercrafting section.
I used a flower design punch. You can also find a circle. 
The pencil went through EASY PEASY
This was 1.50 after half off sale.
You can look at the size of the punch and know if a pencil will make it through!

Punch and add pencil
 Tape the back down to heart with pencil


punch two holes and thread pencil through!

Add your name with a sharpie or marker! Fun and cute! Fun craft for your little ones to do!

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