Tuesday, May 12, 2015

101 Basic Printing Tips and Tutorials

This is a basic brush-up on how I like to print items and how they have always turned out the best.

All printers print different. Laser printers print darker.
 They still look fantastic but still print a bit darker then screen.
It also is inexpensive to print here!
 (office max...Office Depot..Staples..Photo printing center) 

I personally will pick (and LOVE) a home inkjet printer.
 You will get the closest color to your design with home printing.
I know this is not an option for all but it is my number one choice to use.
You will still get a fantastic print if printing out of home! 

Home printing and Office Printing
Invites, VIP Pass, Tickets, Party Printable items
(tags, water bottles, banners, games, baby printables..etc)
are all in this size.
All my full page items come at 8.5 x 11. That is a standard printing letter  size.
It will print TWO invites or how many ever come to a page (tags 6..vip passes 8..etc)
If you are printing invites and party designs.
 You will need to cut all the items.

Home printing Invitation

Both printed at home on matte photo paper

Home Printing (preferred choice)

The full printing looks best printed on Matte/Gloss photo paper or  card stock.
It gives the best quality and weight.
You can also use a matte or gloss card stock and it looks beautiful.
(card stock can be found at any hobby store or at Walmart, Target etc..please use the smooth finish)
Card stock is a wonderful heavy printer paper. It has a nice professional look.
This is the paper of choice if you are printing on the back of the invites or tags also!

Some other fun paper choices are
Dollar TREE glossy Photo Paper
 I know CRAZY but it prints glossy and has a nice weight to it and it is 8 for a 1.00 Can't beat that!!

Kodak Matte/Gloss Photo Paper
My other paper of choice is Kodak matte/gloss  paper. It prints perfect. Not  glossy, but with the perfect amount of shine for crystal clear images...They also have the perfect amount of thickness for a nice professional looking print
You can also use a matte or gloss card stock and it looks FAB-U-LOUS

IF YOU ARE PRINTING A BLACK BACKGROUND such as chalkboard etc.. 
 use a glossy card stock or  photo paper for the best shine!

Print at 8.5 x 11 *letter size*
I would use photo paper option or card matte option (printer advanced options)
All printers have these in options when printing!
 I can not or do not know all and where these option are on your computer. 
If you are printing on photo matte paper make sure to use the photo paper option or you will get lines thorough your design.


 PRINTING at your local Printing CENTER

(Office Max, Office Depot, Kinkos, Staples ....etc)

Invites printed at my local office supply store.

Teacher gift tags printed at my local office supply center

These stores print in the 8.5 x11 like your home printer. Letter Size!
Ask for their card stock and ask to print as a 8.5 x 11. 
(this paper is what you would use if you want to print back to back) 
The paper weight is great and super easy. You can upload online or bring on a flash drive.
They do print slightly darker but pretty close to screen.

If you are printing a black background (chalkboard..neon) I would suggest a glossy card stock!
They also do offer cutting services if you do not want to cut them! :)

That's it! Easy and great quality. All my party printables look best printed this way!


Printing Back to Back


I offer this for all invites. Please ask upon checkout!

FYI...Printing centers will charge you to print on both sides 

Each invite has the option of printing on the back of your invite.
 Please use the card stock for this option.
This works for home printing and printing at an office supply store..
(print center..Office Depot...Kinko's..etc)
You will print your invite on one side and then ask for the back to be printed with the patterned background.. 
Then when dry cut and you will have a patterned background..







Sam's Club...etc.....

5x7 pr 4x6 SINGLES only

 PRINTING at a Printing Center
This is for invites ONLY 
(or home art prints at 5x7)
Walgreens..Sam's Club, Walmart..etc
This style comes in 5x7 or 4x6 
(you choose upon ordering the size)

I personally prefer Walgreens over any store.
 The instant print kiosk is amazing! It is a few more cents than ordering online but the quality is 100 percent better paper and printer. Take in your photos on a flash drive!
Printing Center...*walmart, target, walgreens, etc*
 If you are printing online upload to their website in the size you ordered!
Order as if you were ordering prints, make sure to use the 5x7  size (or 4x6 if you chose that size)
.  If you take to a printing center make sure you do not choose the color correction option.
 It usually gives a dark color to invites.  



single invite prints..back to back

these are just a few ideas online






You can also order invites online through companies such as VISTAPRINT..MPIX..etc)
These are sites that let you order invites by 10, 20, etc.
These are the single invites.
I make every invite with a .25 bleed line. That line gives you room to upload to all these sites so nothing should be cut off. 

Most of these sites offer free envelopes and back to back /Printing.
This works with your patterned background (optional and available upon request)

Sending invites by web. You would send your single invite this way!
You can also use this for a web invitation. You can attach to email for a email invite.

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