Wednesday, May 20, 2015

101 Printing- Printing Back to Back

Printing back to back invites or party decor and tags!
Printing back to back adds a WOW factor to your invites and tags. 
It is optional so you don't have to do add them!

This is for the full printing invites!

Printing Back to Back


I offer this for all invites. Please ask upon checkout!
FYI...Printing centers will charge you to print on both sides 
Each invite has the option of printing on the back of your invite.
 Please use the card stock paper for this option.

This works for home printing and printing at an office supply store..
(print center..Office Depot...Kinko's..etc)

Your home printer and local office supply store print in the 8.5 x11  letter Size!
Ask for their card stock and ask to print as a 8.5 x 11. 
First print your invite on one side. Then turn around and print the background!
Then cut and you will have back to back designs!
Office Supply stores do offer cutting services if you do not want to cut them! :)

You can also print back to back on any online ordering invite store that prints single invites.
Find it in my printing tips 101

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