Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all- Pumpkin Patch Trail Mix- Sandwich Digital Bag Toppers

These fun bag toppers are great to add any kind of special fall treat to!!
Find them in my party store at
Instant Download if you purchase on Etsy!
I used regular sandwich size bags.. Tutorial for bag toppers is found below!

Pumpkin Patch Trail Mix Ideas
Orange and Brown Candy (pieces)
Candy Corn

You can add
Mini Shredded Wheat (for hay bales)
Candy Corn Pumpkins
orange marshmallows 
any fun trail mix items

Bag Topper Tutorial!

This is the page in digital form before printed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sushi Rice Treats. Party STore Recipe- Small Fold W=Over Tags/Table Tents

Sushi Sweet Treats PARTY RECIPE

 Sushi Sweet Treats
Great little treat for your sushi or ninja party!!!
This fun treat was posted 4 years ago!! I brought it back for a fun idea for a ninja themed party or just for fun!

You will need
Rice crispie treats *I used the small packs*
Swedish Fish
Bananas Kiwi
Green Fruit Roll Ups (the ones I used were half blue/ half green roll ups)

Cut the marshmallow bars into slices..add your fruit or swedish fish to the top. Then cut strips of fruit rolls up into slices and wrap the bars and serve...

Matching tags can be found in my party store at
I carry a blank design and a page with fun Ninja themed food ideas!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Fall Y'All - Hay Bale - Small Fold Over Tags and Bag Treats

These fun treats are last years favorite!! Check them out!!

This fun and healthy snack is so much better than candy! My kids love mini shredded wheats and snack on them all the time.. Yep..that's what those little hay bales are..
I used six little mini wheat cereal per bag and they fit snug as a bug

Find them in my party store at 

Tutorial can be found here for my small fold over tags

These fun little Halloween Thanksgiving or fall  fold overs are great school 

handouts or to give out to your trick or treaters! Great 

little craft to hand out for teachers!


Peazy Project

You will need
One hay bale or small fold over tags digital sheet found in my party store!
Small 2x3 jewelry finding bags *found in hobby store or Walmart*
MINI shredded whats.. (frosting goes on the back of the bag)
Matte Photo Paper
Scissors and double stick tape!

These are found by jewelry findings at hobby store at Walmart. You will need the 2x3 size. They come a 100 to a pack for a 1.00!

The full printing looks best printed on photo glossy or matte paper. It gives the best quality and weight.
8.5 x 11 JPEG format at 300 dpi.
I have two papers I love
The dollar tree paper works wonderful if you want a glossy beautiful image. (I know..DOLLAR TREE...It is fantastic!) The dollar tree paper also has blank on the back!
 Kodak gloss paper works great. It prints perfect. Not  glossy, but with the perfect amount of shine for crystal clear images...They also have the perfect amount of thickness for a nice professional looking print. 
These can also be printed at your local printing center that prints on full sheets such as 
(Kinkos...Office max....Staples..etc...on glossy card stock looks great.....)

Just PRINT....CUT....and FOLD.
If you don't like the idea of photo paper a nice heavy matte card stock will work also!

Digital sheet looks like this before printing

Find them in my party store at 

Add tape, glue or staple you tag to your bag. That's it.
Full tutorial is here

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Fall Y'All Digital Home Print and Decor

These digital prints are fun and easy to use! Great to use and give as gifts.
Teachers, moms, grandmas, house warming present. Everyone loves these.
These are from my Happy Fall Y'all collection
Personal use only!
Find them in my party store at 

Tutorial included.
Just print on card stock at HOME or in your local printing center.

Cut and add to your 8x10 Frame
Great for your living room, bedroom, or any area you want to make!

The digital art print comes in 
8x10 (on a full letter size printing sheet 8.5x11)
in high 300 dpi resolution 
All artwork and graphics are created by me
I am owner and creator of cupcake cutiees designs and party.
2 Choices of printing
Home Printing
-Print on a matte or gloss card stock 
-Print on a matte photo paper
Both looks awesome
Just print and cut
Add to your 8x10 frame

Printing at an Office Supply Center
-Print on a matte or gloss card stock
Ask to print on a full letter 8.5 x 11 card stock
Then cut and add to your frame!
I also love to add to a larger frame!