Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coloring Pages- Digital Coloring Sheets or Place-mats - Party Store

So I love love LOVE coloring sheets and especially doodle coloring sheets. 
The sheets can be used for school parties, birthday parties, placemats, weddings, showers, school projects (indoor recess for you teachers) and many many other events or just for fun.
You can find them in my party store at  

Here is some photos of my Valentine Doodle Coloring Pages

Use sharpies, crayons, colored pencils, markers, or colored pens!
They work great for any project.
I would use a card stock if you plan to use sharpies!

Print is easy peasy!

For normal printing just print in black and white on regular printer paper. 
Just open and print.
As long as you have the files you can print forever!

This also works for office printing
(office depot, kinkos, office max..etc)
Just ask to make normal black and white copies on regular printer paper.


I would print on a white card stock!
This works better if you are using sharpies and want a nicer paper.

This also works if you want to turn these into favors or valentines!
Great to hand out at a party or for valentines!
Just roll and add a sharpie, marker or pen to the item


They make great placemats for family dinners, birthday parties, or just to keep the kiddos occupied. 
Grab a few when you are going out to dinner. The doodle ones last a long time.
Here a few of many designs from my shop!

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