Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fishbowl Valentine's - Gold fish Kids Digital Valentines- Party Store

Want a cute printable for your preschool class or your child to pass out. 
These goldfish designs are great and easy to do but look like a million bucks. 
Perfect DIY for your young or old child! (or me)
Here are three designs for goldfish --your gonna love one!

 I have tons of new goldfish designs in my store. They are cute fab and easy to create!
Find all my new sets in my store at

Printing tutorial is here for all my Valentine printables

adding treats to your Valentines!

Check out these three sets!! 

Fishbowl Valentine- Just Fish and Hearts

This is one sheet with two fishbowls per page.
 You print and add to a party bag with treats. It prints easy and bright and will be the talk of the class

***SET TWO***
This set is a two piece set. You print both sheets and put DIY Valentine together.
Step ONE
- Print. and Cut both sheets

Take your fishbowl and add to a party bag with goldfish crackers, swedish fish, gummi worms, hearts or any fun candy!

Tie your party bag filled with candy and your fishbowl with ribbon.

Use a Standard punch to make a hole in your round tags!
Tie to the party bag!

Fishbowl Valentine with hearts
This set is so easy. Print and add to your party bag with your treat. Tie with ribbon!

and as always there is my most popular Valentine card 
found here

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