Saturday, January 9, 2016

Love, Sparkle and Ribbon Banner- Digital Printable with some Bling

Banners are so easy to do and turn out beautiful. 
It is one of our favorite crafts in our house. This is taking one of my simple banners and turning it into some bling and sparkle.  
My husband HATES glitter! He even banned it from our house after a certain slumber party.
 The girls and I like to sneak some in when he is out... 
The is my heart banner in my store at

This make a great gift..and teachers would love this!

Here is how you turn this into this beautiful sparkle banner.
It still looks pretty awesome with no glitter ----but us girls need our bling!

So step one you have to go my store and purchase and download this banner. It;'s very easy and prints straight from the PDF.

1.  Print. I used a matte card stock. 
It holds up best with glue and glitter.
 Print from home or take to your local printing center
(office max, kinkos..etc)

I made a small banner so only printed two sheets. You can make as many as you like. Just print as many sheets as you need.

2.  Cut. --- Solid border makes cutting a breeze.
3.  Put your glue in the heart!!
4.  Add your glitter!

5. Dry Overnight
6.  Punch both corners with your hole punch!
7.  Tie with Ribbon
Small pieces to tie banner together..large for the ends to hang!
8.  Use two long strips of ribbon for the length

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