Monday, November 7, 2016

Pie Tags- Fun Digital Pie Labels - Party Store Printable

You will need
Gloss/Matte Photo Paper or Card Stock
Plastic Spoons or Forks


You get one sheet with 8 labels per page.  8.5 x 11 JPEG at 300 dpi.
Each label is 2inches by 3 inches
These come on a 8.5 x 11 JPEG file at 300 dpi. Inkjet printers print best!!

The best results come from home printing but taking to your local printing center look great!
-Matte Card Stock
-Gloss Card Stock
-Matte Photo Paper
-Gloss Photo Paper
Photo paper looks best for  Black and Chalkboard Backgrounds.

-You can also print them at any printing center that prints 8.5 x 11. Such as Kinkos, office depot, office max..etc. 
I would suggest a glossy or matte photo or card stock.

Paper Suggestions
I love dollar tree glossy paper ot Kodak gloss paper!
Print on photo matte or glossy paper... My paper of choice is Kodak gloss paper. 
It prints perfect. Not  glossy but with the perfect amount of shine for crystal clear images...They also have the perfect amount of thickness for a nice professional looking label.
Make sure to select photo paper on paper options  if you are using photo paper....


Punch with regular punch or shaped

Tie Pies with ribbon and add a fork or spoon then tag!

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