Thursday, February 2, 2017

Paintbrush and Art Love Valentine Cards- Tutorial Card and Treat- Party Store

How fun are these! Beautiful colorful and super easy!

Valentines that are bold and beautiful.
I added my Krispie paintbrush to a favor bag and attached the card with ribbon to the bag!

Each Valentine comes four to a page at

Printing directions!
adding a treat to favor bag

Directions for making my Krispie Paintbrush treats

You will need 
Rice Krispie Treats
(I used already made in single packs)
candy melts
(found in cake department in LOTS of colors)
Popsicle sticks

Add your Popsicle stick to your bar. I curved mine a little at top with your fingers.

Melt you candy in the microwave until smooth and can pour!

Let cool in fridge or counter and harden
Add to your favor bag with ribbon.

Tie your card to the bag with ribbon and you have a fun and easy Valentine treat with card!

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